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Whether you are facing issues with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transition, or other psychosocial concerns, chances are we can help you!

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The Counselor's Corner
is home to an exciting variety of Behavioral Health Professionals who are dedicated to providing support, guidance, and assistance in times of need. These exceptional therapists will work with you to help promote your health and well-being.
Here at The Counselor's Corner  we provide:
individual counseling, group therapy, and couples/family counseling. Trauma, OCD, Panic, Eating Disorders, Substance Issues, Parenting, Borderline Personality Disorder, Energy Medicine, Grief & Loss, and Chronic Illness are just some of the areas of specialization you'll find offered by the Therapists at The Counselor's Corner.

Located at...
Sheridan Meadows Corporate Park South
6265 Sheridan Drive
Suite 122
Williamsville, NY 14221

Finding a Therapist
The Counselor's Corner  can assist you in finding the right therapist to best suit your behavioral health needs. The Professionals with offices are located here represent a wide variety of specializations and modalities of treatment including telephone and online counseling. Call now to find out which Counselor may be most appropriate for you!
For more information, contact Dr. Deborah Legge.

The Counselor's Corner is here for you. Allow us to help you in times of need. Call (716) 204-5552 Ext 406
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